Sunday, December 22, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hola Familia, August 12, 2013
Well I hope that you are all doing well this week. This week we had changes. dun dun dun
I am still in perez zeledon oosh, and my new companion is Hermana Cruz from Mexico!!! She is super awesome. She is 27, but doesn’t look it at all. She is super sweet!! Very serious, but sweet, and is always giving compliments. She is just about to finish her mission she leaves in October oh and she is a doctor. How cool is that. When she goes back home she is planning on specializing. She has been teaching me a whole ton and we have hope that we can bring more people to Christ here. As I have been reading the scriptures I have really found a lot that talks about this time and how many people will not accept Christ and it is really sad!! Well this week is mother’s day here and on Tuesday we will be going to San Jose for a conference just for the sisters :) I am excited for it. I will get to see my two comps from the MTC.
Oh and I found out that my companion is with one of my companions from the MTC. How cool is that? Well that is the most exciting thing that happened this week. I am doing well and I love you all. I hope that everything is good.
Te quierro
Hermana Anneliese Jenkinson

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