Friday, October 18, 2013

August 5, 2013

5 August 2013

Well this week Rocio got baptized!!! Wohoo my first baptism in the mission. She was so super cute and sweet. I guess about 3 days before the baptism some Jehovah Witnesses stopped by and said some terrible things about the Book of Mormon, and she asked them why they would they say such bad things about my religion? She is so sweet. Both of her babies had a fit when she went up to receive the Holy Ghost though, but in all it all went well.

I am still with Hermana Romero this week; Thursdays are transfers so we will see what happens, we will probably know tomorrow or Wednesday if there are changes. In our mission it is not normal for someone to be in an area that long. Normally it is 4 months; We think it was just so long with her because she got trained here for three months and then she in turn became a trainer for me for another 3 months. I’m already preparing for her to leave, (and maybe I’m a goner too). I am definitely going to miss her a ton.

To answer Mom’s question: Yes, we receive money every month for food, transport, rent, utilities, clothing and personal items. We also get fed a ton here. There are some days when every house we hit feeds us. There are some days we eat so much that I feel like I am going to throw up because I am so full. That being said, I know that I lost the pounds that I gained at the MTC (from sitting in class so much). Today when I woke up I was pretty ill and that was not fun, it is the first time since I have been here that I have been sick. I found out later that one of the other Elders was ill too. We had all eaten lunch together the day before, so we are guessing that something in the food didn´t settle well on our gringo stomachs. Both of the Latin American missionaries were fine. I used some of the medicine that I brought with me from home, and I gave some to the Elder too. I already feel a ton better.

Saturday we went contacting to one of our neighbor’s house. Missionaries in the past have talked with them before and we were trying again. We started talking with one of them outside his house and one of his friends came by during our discussion and he got really interested and so now we have an appointment to visit him this next week. Things are starting to change here, slowly but surely in the right direction. It is really exciting to see the change. Right now they are only small changes, but by small and simple things great things come to pass. I love you all and think about you. Have an excellent week!!

Les Amo,

Hermana Anneliese Jenkinson

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