Monday, October 7, 2013

July 20, 2013

Hola Familia,

Wow week was a hard week that ended on a good note. So Hermana Romero´s foot was doing really good she had to wear the boot for like two weeks and them it was better, but then this week it started to hurt again, but if a different area so once again i went out with the youth while she rested her foot. This time I understood the people we were teaching the problem was that all of our lessons fell through. When i say all i mean all!! We have been really focusing on trying to gain the trust of the members this week because to be honest in our area we do not have thier trust and we can not do this work with out them. This week was super hard and frustrating and then at the end of the week president came and did interviews with our district. They went really well. He really is an amazing mission pres. He has a lot of expectations, but it makes us work hard. After his interview we went to the house of one of the appointments that had fallen through earlier in the week. The appointment had fallen through because she wasn{t home which was really wierd. Her name is Rocio and she is a 19 year old girl with 2 kids and has been married for 4 years already, which is really odd because almost no one is married here in costa Rica. Anyway she is a super sweet sincear girl and she has already attented church with us 2 times. It turned out that she was at a friends house that night and tried to get back on time but didn{t quite make it. Any ways we started the lesson with her we gave her a book of mormon about 2 weeks ago and so we asked her if she had read any of it and she said very apologeticly, i have only been able to read a little bit, and we where like that is ok how much is a little, and she said, well i am only just starting Jacob!!! And we where both blown away and were like no that is really good, that is a ton. and she was like well by husband is almost done with it. We have never met with her husband and he has already read almost the whole book of mormon!!! We continued on in the lesson and hermana Romero had a picture of the costa rican temple in her hymn book and rocio saw it and asked about it and we explain it a little and she was like i want to go there some day!!! Then at the end of the lesson we gave her a pamplet of the resturation to explain about how to recieve an answer and she flipped through the pamplet and saw the picture of joseph smiths first vision and she stopped and she said, i have seen this before and i was like oh i think we showed it to you when we explained about josph smith and she was like, no i have seen it before that. When i was eight i had a dream and i saw this, except for i didn{t see the two people just the colomn of light. Well to say the least we were both shocked and we told her that was probably god talking to her. We are going to visit her tonight so we will see how it goes.

Well we no longer have problems with mice!! YAY Spanish has definatley gotten easier and i can almost always understand people only in the nights and the early mornings do i still have a hard time. Now when i speak english i speak really bad spanglish. When i come home you might not be able to understand me :) ha Ha I got the pics, i loved seeing them all. Oh my goodness william is so tall!!! I can not believe it. What happened to my little brother! ;) I have a couple of other stories this week but they are best explained through pics :)

Love you all,

Hermana Anneliese Jenkinson

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