Thursday, July 4, 2013

June 24th letter

Hola Familia,                                                                             24 June 2013
This week I had to write this letter a little earlier due to the fact that we have a lot to do this afternoon. This week was yet another week with a lot of travel! So, on Tuesday we had the First Month check. After one month of being in the mission, all missionaries in this mission go to the president's house for a check to see how they are doing; it comes with a yummy meal too. That was so much fun!! It was so good to see my companions from the MTC! They are all doing well. It was another fun trip up to San Jose. Later in the week Hermana Romero’s ankle started hurting again, so I did splits yet again with a different member. The day was actually really good and we got some new investigators from it :) That night we got a call from the Sister Training Leaders and told us we were going to do exchanges with them. So we went on a 3 hour bus ride to meet them in the middle of our two areas. I loved doing the exchanges. I was able to learn a ton. Hermana Cardez and I returned to Perez and my companion went to their area. Hermana Cardez has been here for over a year and you can definitely tell. She has experience. I am very grateful for the things I learned. The next day we met back up with my companion. It was good to have her back and I did miss her. She no longer has to wear the boot!! YAY she is super excited about that. Now we just need to be careful that she doesn´t hurt it again.
Something interesting about the rivers here is that when it rains they all turn a brown orange color due to the dirt.
Yesterday we went out to an area where we don´t have many investigators and did a lot of contacting. During the day it felt like we weren´t doing very much and that we weren´t having any success. We would teach a few people the first lesson and we kept getting the, well we all pray to the same god so it doesn´t really matter what church we go to. That is where we have lots of problems. People will listen to us because it is good to listen to the word of God. But they don´t understand the importance of authority and when we try and explain it they just resist. Very frustrating. Then in the evening we had an amazing lesson where the spirit was so strong. We talked to a girl named Estefani about forgiveness. Wow I am so grateful for the experiences like that. It makes it all worth it to see someone receive hope and a desire to be closer to God.
I know our message is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and the Redeemer of the world. Only through Him can we be saved. I know that through the ordinances of the church we can live with our families for the eternity.
I love you all!!!
Hermana Anneliese Jenkinson

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